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E-commerce Russia & CIS - 2011 Past events (Google translated) САЙТ НА РУССКОМ

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A very helpful conference all in all. Pretty much the only...

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Предлагаем Вам ознакомиться с впечатлениями участников конфекренции "Электронная торговля - 2010", которая прошла в октябре 2010 года:
  • Nadezhda Andreyeva, “Moscowskoye Obyedinenye ‘Optica’” (“Ochkarik” Brand)
    Quite informative. Though there’s always the looming desire to listen to the other speeches being held at the same time.
  • Andrey Bayduzhy, Mir Reklamy
    Everyone was useful and applicable. My third time participating in this conference since it’s one of the only conferences with a true focus on applicable information.
  • Veronica Beyavskaya, Otto Group Russia
    Everyone really enjoyed themselves.
  • Cyril Bortov, Labyrint.RU Ltd.
    What an amazing and useful conference!
  • Elena Gluhova, Glance
    Truly interesting current topics and speeches. The round table meeting format was enjoyable too.
  • Timofey Gorshkov, InSales
    A very helpful conference all in all. Pretty much the only conference that specifically gathers people from the e-commerce industry.
  • Alexey Ilyin, TRADE Telecom
    Liked the conference overall. Acquired a number of wonderful ideas that will surely help in developing my own projects in the future. Was also able to interact directly with representatives from companies of interest.
  • Vladislav Istomin, EbayClub
    I’ve been waiting for such a gathering for quite some time and am happy to have gotten the chance to participate. Everything was organized really well and I really didn’t have any questions or issues from the very beginning. An interesting array of speakers, informative speeches and whopping four simultaneous streams. I was also quite pleasantly surprised by the hot coffee and the delicious buffet.
  • Mikhail Kisin,
    Hello. I certainly liked the conference. The selection of topics, the array of speakers and the place it was held were all impressive. It’s good to see the conference growing from year to year while moving in league with the advancements of the industry it represents. Overall, I managed to acquire several new, useful contacts and heard two pieces of news I’ll be sure to apply to my work. I’d also like to note the quality of the food at the conference especially. You’d think it wouldn’t be of any importance due to being an extra feature, yet everything was just so good that you couldn’t help but feel better, which I’m sure generally improved the atmosphere at the conference. As such, many thanks to the organizers.
  • Mikhail Korneyenkov, Master Kit
    A very useful conference. I’ll be participating in it regularly.
  • Maria Korotkova, Umnitsa-Press
    Definitely liked the conference and will do our best to attend again next year. The variety of topics and speakers combined with the ability to choose which to visit make the conference quite fascinating.
  • Ivan Kutz, ZAKAZHI
    A very useful gathering indeed! It really allows you to look at seemingly well known things from an outside perspective, as it were, which definitely leads to improvements to current business models.
  • Dmitry Kuznetsov, Interalyans Ltd.
    The conference left a pleasant impression. Spawned quite a few curious thoughts while listening to the various speeches and was able to get a larger view of the e-commerce industry as a whole.
  • Anastasia Levchenko, independent visitor
    The conference was generally very informative. The program was goal-oriented, well systematized and divided into sensible content blocks. We had a special interest in participating in the conference since we were looking for well structured and deeply educational information in sight of our own project only just being in its formative stage.
  • Tatiana Malinova, independent visitor
    The conference went beyond all my expectations. I learned a lot of useful and important things, acquired a number of contacts with other companies and even managed to lead up to signing contracts with them.
  • Dmitry Volodov, Samson-opt Ltd.
    It was quite an informative experience listening to a number of professionals with experience. It’s always intriguing to hear facts and real life examples.

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Today - 19.06.2018.  

E-commerce Russia & CIS - 2011 Past events (Google translated) САЙТ НА РУССКОМ